How Many Jobs are Available in Public Utilities (2022)

Jobs are Available in Public Utilities that Governments or Sectors provide, such as Gas, Power, ELectricity, and Training organizations. Water supplies and other public Utilities were severely affected.

How Many Jobs are Available in Public Utilities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are different types of jobs in the Public utility sector. In this Public Utilities Job, the workers are agreed to maintain thor positions in their Sectors such as Operate water, solid system, and wastewater. If people are interested in Public Utilities Jobs, they would apply for a career. It a very important to know the jobs related to your field.

Therefore this Public sector you must know about the available jobs opportunities. This Public Sector gives you meals on a regular base. This is the reason there are many new jobs and career opportunities created. If we list how many jobs are available in Public sector Utilities, we will thoroughly discuss all the Jobs in this article.

How Many Jobs are Available in Public Utilities

This article will help you understand all points of Public Utilities Jobs.

What are Public Utilities?

Public Utilities are the services that Governments or Sectors provide, such as Gas, Power, ELectricity, and Training organizations. Water supplies and other public Utilities were severely affected.

Public Utility services include all the life essentials parts, which means that Public Utilities are the services that are compulsory for the functioning of society and any sector.

Here are some examples of Public Utilities Services:

  • Water Supply
  • Heat
  • Television cable system
  • Electricity 
  • Gas supply
  • Communication Services

When we see that these are examples of Public Utilities so you can check your positions related to these Jobs. There are a lot of questions asked such that how many jobs are available in public utilities, how many utility workers are there in the US, what are public utilities in the United States, What comes under Public Utilities, and How many workers are in the energy industry. In this article, we will explain all the terms and questions.

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How many utility workers are there in the US?

There are almost 675,775 employees working in the Utility industries in the US. All the employees work on the bases of their skills and experiences.

What are public utilities in the United States?

A public utility is an element that gives goods or services to the general public. Public utilities may include normal transport as well as enterprises that provide electric gas, water, gas supply, television, and communication system.

Are utilities public or private in the US?

 Public utilities can be exclusive or publicly owned. Public utilities include incorporating helpful and municipal utilities. Municipal Utilities may incorporate domains that may not even serve the entire city.

How many workers are in the energy industry?

The energy sector was profoundly impacted in 2022 by COVID-19 and its resulting economic fallout. There were more than 7.5 million people utilized in the energy, energy efficiency, and engine vehicles areas in the point in United State in the last quarter of 2022 – down nearly 840,000 positions (10%) from the finish of 2019.

25 of the Highest Paying Utility Jobs in 2022 

In research analysis, the best Utility jobs can pay up to $292,500 per year.

There are some of Highest Paying Utility Jobs:

Utility Jobs Salary Range(Year)
Water Resource Specialist$61,000 to $292,5000
Nuclear Criticality Safety $73,500 to $172,000
Nuclear Licensing Engineer$44,500 to $145,500
Utility Manager$62,500 to $142,000
Power Plant Engineer$96,500 to $136,500
Power Engineer$$87,500 to 135,500
Power System Dispatcher$48,500 to $125,000
Radiation Engineer $73,000 to 123,000
Gas Controller$62,500 to $120,000
Substation Engineer$92,000 to $120,000
Power System Engineer$81,500 to $115,500
Power Transmission Engineer$70,000 to $115,500
Transmission Engineer$81,000 to $112,000
Water Resource Engineer$75,000 to $106,500
Transmission Line Engineer$79,500 to $104,500
Power Distribution Engineer$79,500 to 101,500
Pipeline Controller$79,500 to $100,000
Substation Operator$33,000 to $99,000
Journeyman Lineman$71,000 to $95,500
Radiation Safety Officer$58,000 to $95,000
Water Superintendent $55,000 to $94,500
Energy Efficiency Engineer$67,500 to $90,000
Power Line$59,000 to $88,000
Wind Turbine Engineer$37,000 to $87,000
Utility Engineer$46,000 to $85,500
25 of the Highest Paying Utility Jobs in 2022

How many jobs are available in Public Utilities?

There are different kinds of jobs available in public utilities. such as Natural Gas utility Sectors, Electric Power Utilities Sectors, Water and Waste Utilities Sectors, and Public Service Utility Sector.

1. Natural Gas Utilities Sectors

Natural Gas Utilities Sectors
Natural Gas Utilities Sectors

Natural gas is the high-pay sector of Public Utility. It creates power and produces thermal output. In the United States in general;y 38% of all the gaseous petrol is used for the electric power age. The heat from these flammable gases can be used for home usage like wearing the home water warming and other current purposes. Modern society is one of the key purchasers of gaseous petrol in the United States.

This single industry supports more than 9.8 million jobs. It creates too many vacancies in the industry. That means that 5.6% of the US worker’s population is covered. A capricious oil and petrol gas are also more than 2.1 million positions.

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What are the biggest uses of Natural Gas?

There is a total of 3 uses for Natural Gas Heating, Electricity, and Generation Industrial. It’s the main use for the natural has Unitilties Sectors.

Who supplies natural gas in Florida?

In Florida, Public Sectors provides natural gas and electric services to homes and businesses. As you know that it is the trusted energy provider that saves money and enjoys the highest level of comfort.

2. Water and Waste Management Public Utility Sector

Water and Waste Management Public Utility Sector
Water and Waste Management Public Utility Sector

Sewage maintenance and the water supply are among the main two industries in United State. Most organizations work for a specific area to provide their services. The water and waste management public sector worlds for residential places, homes, and businesses. 

The main purpose of this Public Utility sector is to help the people by providing their services. The wastewater provides all the clean water and gives the proper utilization to clean the water. In the whole water cycle, water management is the first and essential part. They are all worlds near the state and the cities. Their main purpose is to supply pure water to the residential areas and homes.

What is the importance of public utilities?

Public utilities are a very important part of economic areas. They fulfill our fundamental basic needs. For example supply of gas, light, water, power, transport, and other communication services.

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What are the names of Water and Waste Management Companies in the USA?

  • Kemira
  • Ecolab
  • Danaher Corporation

3. Electric Power Utility Services

Electric Power Utility Service
Electric Power Utility Service

Electrical Power is the basic need of the world. No one can live without electricity it is an essential part of life. The development of electric power happens at the power plants where the power is produced using different energy sources such as coal, nuclear splitting, hydroelectricity, and sunlight.

In the beginning, around 2022 more than 172,000 people work in the U.S electric power age region.

The electric power transmission industry is a key piece of our overall population. By giving the electric power transmission and transport organization for private clients and business ones. The associations who use it in their workspaces or sell it again.

There are a few huge public services organizations in this industry and they are seeing for a piece of the slice. If you are looking for occupations around in this area, here is the best association in the electric power transmission industry in the U.S

What are electric service types?

There are many types of electricity services such that

  • Rural utility service
  • Underground Utility Location Service
  • Electrical Services
  • Electrical Contractractor Service
  • Public Electric Utility Service

There are a total of 7.5 million jobs reached in the Energy sector at the end of 2022. Further, the decrease of 840,000 jobs decline year over year. 

4. Public Service Utility Sector

Public Service Utility Sector
Public Service Utility Sector

There are many public utility services that rely on daily life. These services are provided by Government agencies and are high-paid services. They include some services like Police, Fire Protection, public schools, etc.

If you are interested in these sectors so make sure to read the complete article. The Public Sector employs are working 20.2 million in the U.S and a maximum of 15% workplaces. This is the largest division of the US public Sector provided by the local government. 

 The services given by the employees remained generally constant throughout many years. State and local public employees have represented some schools(14%), Wellbeing, and the government administration given by the state and nearby the local employees include utilities and environmental services.

What is an example of a Public Utility?

There are a few examples of Public Utility that provides goods and the best services such that water, heat, television, and communication caples system.

What are the basic public utilities?

The basic public utilities consist of ga, electricity, and telephone these are the market and public needs.


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