Broker of Record Insurance

Broker of Record Insurance

Insurance can be a complex topic, and when it comes to commercial insurance, things can get even more complicated. If you’re a business owner, you want to make sure you have the right coverage to protect your assets and liabilities. This is where a broker of the record comes in. In this article, we’ll explore what a broker of record is, how they can help you with your insurance needs, and how to choose the right broker of record for your business.

What is a Broker of Record?

A broker of record (BOR) is an insurance agent or broker who is authorized by a client to act as their representative in all insurance matters. This means that the BOR has the authority to negotiate insurance policies, obtain quotes, and make changes to policies on behalf of the client. The BOR is the client’s primary point of contact for all insurance-related matters and is responsible for ensuring that the client has the appropriate coverage at all times.

Why Choose a Broker of Record?

One of the main benefits of choosing a broker of record is that they are fully dedicated to their client’s insurance needs. Unlike traditional insurance agents, who may represent multiple insurance companies, a broker of record represents only the client.

 This means that the broker of record is solely focused on finding the best insurance policies for their client, without being influenced by any particular insurance company.

Another benefit of using a broker of record is that they have specialized knowledge and experience in the insurance industry. This means that they can help clients navigate the often-confusing world of commercial insurance, ensuring that they have the right coverage for their specific needs.

 Brokers of record can also provide valuable advice on risk management, helping clients identify potential risks and take steps to mitigate them.

How to Choose a Broker of Record

Choosing the right broker of record is important, as they will be your primary point of contact for all insurance-related matters. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a broker of record:

  1. Experience: Look for a broker of record who has experience working with businesses in your industry. They should have a deep understanding of the unique risks and insurance needs of your business.
  2. Reputation: Check the broker of record’s reputation by reading reviews and testimonials from previous clients. You can also ask for references and reach out to other business owners in your network for recommendations.
  3. Licensing and Credentials: Ensure that the broker of record is licensed to practice in your state and holds any relevant industry certifications. This demonstrates their professionalism and commitment to their craft.
  4. Communication: Choose a broker of record who is responsive and easy to communicate with. You want to work with someone who will be available to answer your questions and provide guidance when you need it.
  5. Fees: Understand the fees associated with working with a broker of record. Typically, brokers of record are compensated through commissions paid by insurance companies. Ensure that you understand the fee structure and that it is transparent.


A broker of record can be a valuable asset to any business owner, providing specialized knowledge and experience in the complex world of commercial insurance. When choosing a broker of record, it’s important to consider factors such as experience, reputation, licensing and credentials, communication, and fees. By working with the right broker of record, you can ensure that your business has the appropriate coverage to protect your assets and liabilities.

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