Top Golf Edison: The Ultimate Golfing Experience

Top Golf Edison is the premier golf entertainment complex in New Jersey, offering a unique and exciting experience for golfers and non-golfers alike. Our state-of-the-art facility features a range of games, challenges, and activities that are perfect for all ages and skill levels.

If you’re a golf enthusiast looking for a unique and entertaining way to enjoy your favorite sport, then look no further than Top Golf Edison. Located in the heart of New Jersey, Top Golf Edison is a state-of-the-art golf entertainment complex that offers a truly immersive experience for golfers of all skill levels. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Top Golf Edison so special and why it’s quickly become a must-visit destination for golfers in the area.

What is Top Golf Edison?

top golf edison's location
Top Golf Edison

Top Golf Edison is a premier golf entertainment complex that offers a range of golfing experiences in a fun and exciting setting. The facility features 102 climate-controlled hitting bays, each with a high-tech tracking system allowing golfers to see their shots and track their progress. 

Additionally, Top Golf Edison also boasts a full-service restaurant and bar, several event spaces for private functions, and a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the surrounding area.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting out, Top Golf Edison offers something for everyone. The facility features a variety of games and challenges designed to keep you engaged and entertained, including Topgolf, a popular game that challenges players to hit targets on the range to score points.

Why is Top Golf Edison so popular?

One of the things that make Top Golf Edison so popular is its unique blend of golf and entertainment. Unlike traditional golf courses, Top Golf Edison offers a fun and engaging experience that’s perfect for groups of friends, families, or coworkers. Whether you’re looking to improve your swing or just have a good time, Top Golf Edison is the perfect destination.

Another reason for Top Golf Edison’s popularity is its commitment to providing a top-notch customer experience. From the state-of-the-art hitting bays to the delicious food and drinks served in the restaurant, everything about Top Golf Edison is designed to make your visit enjoyable and memorable.

Finally, Top Golf Edison’s location in the heart of New Jersey makes it a convenient destination for golfers in the area. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting from out of town, Top Golf Edison is easily accessible from major highways and is located just a short drive from Newark Liberty International Airport.

What are the benefits of visiting Top Golf Edison?

There are numerous benefits to visiting Top Golf Edison, whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Improved golf skills: Top Golf Edison’s high-tech tracking system allows you to see exactly how far and how accurately you’re hitting the ball, which can help you improve your swing and overall golf game.
  • Fun and engaging experience: With a range of games and challenges to choose from, Top Golf Edison offers a fun and engaging experience that’s perfect for groups of all sizes.
  • Delicious food and drinks: Top Golf Edison’s full-service restaurant and bar offers a range of delicious food and drinks to enjoy during your visit.
  • Perfect for special occasions: Top Golf Edison’s event spaces and rooftop terrace make it the perfect destination for birthdays, corporate events, or any other special occasion.
What is the biggest Topgolf venue?
What is the biggest Topgolf venue?

How can I book a visit to Top Golf Edison?

Booking a visit to Top Golf Edison is easy and can be done online through the facility’s website. Simply select the date and time you’d like to visit, and choose the number of people in your group. Top Golf Edison offers a range of pricing options, depending on the time and day of your visit, as well as any special promotions that may be available.

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In conclusion, Topgolf Edison is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a fun, engaging, and memorable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a first-time player, our facility has something to offer everyone. From our cutting-edge technology to our delicious food and drinks, everything at Topgolf Edison is designed to provide an exceptional entertainment experience. So come on over and discover the excitement of Topgolf Edison – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


  • Where is the original Topgolf?
    • The original Topgolf is located in Watford, outside London. It was opened in 2000.
  • Where will Topgolf be in 2022?
    • Modern golf entertainment Topgolf is planned to bring its technology that experience to San Diego Area.
      • When did Topgolf open in Edison?
        • On December 23 Tofgolf is opened and its 65,000 square feet area and located on Route 01 in Edison N.J
      • Who is the CEO of Topgolf?
        • Artie Starrs is the Chief Executive Officer CEO of Topgolf, it will responsible for the growth of this Topgolf.
      • Who owns Topgolf?
        • Topgolf Callaway Brands is an American global sport that owns topgolf.

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